How it works

Proxycroak is a simple tool to print Pokémon proxy cards for playtesting, straight from a decklist. There are two available modes: Pics and Text.

Pics mode retrieves all the card images from a single decklist and places them on a classic 3-column grid, ready to print.

Text mode combines up to 3 decklists together in a single, minified meta-deck to save time, ink and… sleeves! A must-use feature for competitive deck testing.

Single Click Bookmarklet

Create proxy decks from everywhere, with a single click!

Drag this button to your Bookmarks bar! When you see a decklist you want to proxy, select it and click the bookmarklet.

Generate from URL

You can also generate proxy decks straight from any external URL (as long as it's a text file, like pastebin.com's raw format) and share them to the world!

Simply include it as a parameter ?url= to our import link http://proxycroak.com/import, like this:


Export as…

You can also share your proxy decks with the “Export as” button. There are currently two available options: Image (Pics mode only) and Shareable URL. Great for messaging boards, Facebook groups, video streaming and more!